Patient Portal

222 Route 59, Suite 303
Suffern, NY
(845) 368-0422

371 Rt. 17M
Gateway Plaza
Monroe, NY
(845) 928-2544


in Rockland and Orange Counties.

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222 Route 59, Suite 303
Suffern, NY 10901


371 RT 17M
Monroe, NY 10950


What are your hours?

Our schedule is maintained on our site regularly. Please continue check our website for seasonal updates to our schedule. You should also call our main office phone numbers (Suffern: 845-368-0422 Central Valley: 845-928-2544) to speak with our staff or answering service.


What age children do you treat?

Our Pediatricians and Nurse Practitioners all treat patients from Newborn until 21 years of age.


Are you accepting new patients?     

We are currently accepting new patients.


I am having a baby! How can I become more familiar with your practice?

Congratulations! This is a very exciting and busy time for you and your family. Our staff will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to visit our office and meet with one of our practitioners.


What hospitals are you affiliated with?

We are affiliated with Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY as well as Westchester Medical Center.


How do I make an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment in either of our offices by calling the main numbers from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Well visits are scheduled three months ahead of time, so call with ample time if you need a school or camp physical.


What should I bring at my first visit?

Visit our Office Info page to find the following forms: intake, postpartum, HIPPA, billing policy, and financial responsibility.


What is a walk-in visit?

Walk-in visits are considered to be for urgent illnesses. For the walk-in visits you do not have to call to schedule but may just arrive at the office at the designated walk-in visit times. Generally your child will be seen in the order of the names in the sign-in sheet at the front desk. Walk-in visits should be reserved for acute illnesses. Visits for chronic or ongoing problems, follow-up office visits for previous illnesses, immunizations and WIC visits will not be addressed during walk-in times. These visits should be scheduled with our office staff.


Will your staff tell me when my child is due for a well visit?

Your child’s practitioner (doctor or nurse practitioner) should be informing you, at the end of your child’s well-child visit, when the next scheduled one should be. In addition, during a child’s sick office visit, our desk staff will try to remind you if your child is due or overdue for a well-child office visit.


How do I get a referral?

Referrals for specialists, whether medical specialists or for other allied health care professionals, should be discussed with your child’s office practitioner. Some insurance carriers (not all) will require an office visit with us (your child’s primary care provider) before the specialist can see your child. Other insurance plans do not require a visit with the PCP. In that case, however, we encourage you to discuss the reason for your request for a specialist with us so that we may best advise you on the appropriate specialist or course of action.


I need a refill on a prescription, what should I do?

You should call and speak first with the desk staff, and they will relay your request to your child’s practitioner. The refill will be handled by your child’s practitioner and sent to your selected pharmacy electronically. However, some refills may have to be discussed with your child’s practitioner first, and in some cases (such as with chronic asthma meds) an office visit to review your child’s condition may be necessary.


Will my child’s doctor know which prescriptions my insurance will cover?

Our practice utilizes an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system that can provide our physicians with information about covered medications on your pharmacy plan. In some situations, our physicians may advise you to use a medication that is not covered by your formulary. Please feel free to discuss this with your child’s practitioner.


How do I reach the doctors with a problem once the office is closed or before it opens?

During the times that the office is closed (before or after office hours) you may call us on the regular office phone number. We (PIP) have an ongoing call coverage agreement with 2 other local pediatric practices, who cover for us certain nights of the week. Coverage after hours on Saturday and Sunday is done only by PIP practitioners.


I don’t want to bother my doctor off hours, what is considered an emergency?

In an acute emergency, always call 911 first.

This is a difficult question to answer in detail; rather than looking through a “list” of potential emergency items, we advise that you as the parent or caretaker trust your own good judgment on what constitutes an “emergency” or an issue that needs to be clarified that day or night. If you call, we will call you back. No call is unanswered. In general, fever over 102, breathing difficulty, mental status changes, urine output changes, or a child under 3 months with possible fever would all be reasons to call us.


Can I email my child’s doctor questions about medical care?

Yes, through our office e-mail address. Your child’s practitioner will try to respond as soon as he or she is realistically able to. Please reserve email for non-urgent questions.


What is your policy on school or camp forms?

We will try to have your forms filled out as soon as possible; generally we can have your form completed and returned to you within 48 hours.


What is your policy on filling out WIC forms?

WIC forms are completed at the time of well visits with the practitioner, or through designated appointments with our healthcare personnel. No isolated WIC appointments will be made for patients who are behind on their well child examination schedule.




What insurances do you accept?

We accept many insurances and plans, small and large, private and Medicaid-backed. It is always best to inquire directly with your insurance plan to see if Partners in Pediatrics is a participating and “in-network” group. You should call the “member services” number or check on your plan’s website. You can inquire about our practice’s participation using Dr. Martin Gewirtz or Dr. Frederick Weck’s names.


I have no insurance coverage, do you accept self pay patients?

Partners in Pediatrics will see self pay patients. Payment is required at the time of the visit.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Personal checks that are returned due to closed accounts or insufficient funds are subject to an additional $25.00 fee.


My insurance is requesting a provider ID number. What’s that?

Every medical provider has a unique number identifier, called an NPI number. This number is used in many different applications in a medical office. Our NPIs are as follows:

Dr. Gewirtz: 1336240647
Dr. Weck: 1366453383
Dr. Rana: 1821383423
Dr. Klar: 153843030
Dr. Velagapudi: 1780737353
Lori Lambert: 1710999651
Laura McGuire: 1366453391
Eileen Riman: 1508878430


What is the Financial Responsibility form?

This form is required to be filled out and signed by the child’s parent or guardian (“Guarantor”). This form will give you the guidelines by which we bill insurance companies and the accounts’ guarantor. We urge our patients to review their health insurance policies and to verify with their plans about covered benefits. Our Billing Department will submit bills in a timely manner and personnel are available to answer questions about bills and claims, as well as general “billing” inquiries.




What should I expect at my child’s well visits?

A physical exam, or “well visit” is a chance for our practitioners to review your child’s health and growth. It provides parents, children and practitioners the ability to go over any questions or concerns relating to your child’s health and development. A complete history will be taken and a complete physical examination will be done. A review and discussion of relevant immunizations and simple labs and prescriptions test will also be addressed.


What should I expect at my child’s sick visit?

Sick visit examinations will include a discussion, exam of the child and a diagnosis

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. Sometimes additional procedures or lab testing will be ordered. If indicated, a treatment plan will be discussed and implemented and the practitioner will provide care instructions and when follow up should occur.


When should I bring my newborn in for his/her first visit?

Your newborn’s visit should take place within the first two weeks of birth. Please bring along any test or screening results from the hospital.


What is an immunization schedule? (And do I have to follow it?)

We urge all of our patients to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine schedule.


Does my child have to have a well visit every year?

Yes, our practitioners do recommend an annual visit. This is not an indication of coverage by insurance.


Does Partners in Pediatrics perform laboratory tests?

Yes. Our in office labs are certified to conduct basic tests such as throat cultures, rapid strep tests, flu test, urinalysis, and hemoglobin tests. We also perform specialized procedure including tympanogram, spirometry, otoacoustic testing and others.


What is your policy on prescribing antibiotics for strep?

All patients who have tested positive for strep, a bacterial infection, will have antibiotics prescribed for them.


My child gets his/her checkups at school. Is that enough?

No. We recommend you schedule physicals for your children with your regular Pediatrician or Nurse Practitioner.


What is the difference between a physical and a “sports physical?”

Sports physicals are a specialized physical examination with an emphasis on orthopedic issues and the cardiovascular system.


My child has been checked for scoliosis in school. Do I have to follow up with a pediatrician?

Yes. Follow up is necessary for confirmation and further management by specialists if necessary.


I’m concerned that my child may be ADHD/ADD, what should I do?

Make an appointment for an initial evaluation in our office. The evaluation will include an initial screening that can involve child, parent and teacher input. You may be asked to complete Vanderbilt forms to help in the evaluation process. You’ll find these forms on our Office Info page.

Patients who are prescribed medication for ADHD/ADD will require follow-up visits every 6 months. The follow-up visit will require the evaluation forms to be filled out in advance. Our practitioners will use these forms to monitor appropriate medication dosages and effectiveness.


I’m not sure if I should send my child to school, is there a general guideline I should follow?

In general, do not send a child to school if they have had fever in the pst 24 hours, risk dehydration or have significant fatigue or pain.


What is the correct dosage of Motrin/Advil/Tylenol for my child?

Dosage is usually based on weight. Please consult with us prior to administering medications.