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Meet the Team

Lori Lambert, RN–FNP

Medical background

I’m a graduate of Columbia University, having earned a Master’s degree in Science. I also hold two New York State Certifications (one as a Family Nurse Practitioner and another as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner). I spent 10 years practicing at Good Samaritan Hospital, where I helped develop their Neonatal Unit. I have been with Ramapo Valley Pediatrics (now known as Partners in Pediatrics) for 17 years.

Best part about helping kids

I really enjoy forming a relationship with these kids and watching them grow. I ‘ve had the good fortune of watching some of my patients go off to college. I think I’m often as proud of them as their own parents.

Fondest childhood memories

Spending summers traveling with my family and enjoying weekend barbecues.

A fun fact or two

I LOVE to sing. My favorite place to sing is in the car. I spend every morning on my 30-minute commute singing. My friends always joke that they think I know the words to every song ever written.