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Moshe Kupferstein, MD

Medical Background

I attended medical school at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, and then Pediatric residency at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn.

I started working with children as a rehab counselor prior to medical school, and I was the weekend manager at The Boys Home at Women’s League. Many of those children were medically fragile and that leaned me toward Pediatrics.

Best Part About Helping Kids?

The best part is seeing my patients get better after being sick. Having kids run around and play and knowing that I had a part in helping them heal.

Fondest Childhood Memories?

Family time around all the holidays, that and curling up with a good book!

A Fun Fact or Two?

I love Nature and hiking in the forest. I also enjoy fishing- although I have no luck with it!

I also really like cooking, particularly Chinese food (Don’t worry, authentic Chinese food is actually very healthy!)